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Shushwap Copper Island Docks, manufacturers of high quality ALUMINUM and FIBERGLASS dock systems. Both powerable and stationary docks for private pleasure and commercial uses. Designed with a low maintenance, trouble free, and long serviceable lifespan in mind.


  • MAIN PERIMETER FRAMES - Special Heavy Duty Custom Extruded Aluminum Frames.

  • DECKING MATERIALS - A choice of composite wood, real cedar, true harbor grid, and aluminum.

  • TANK FLOATATION - Roto Mold pvc or pressure tested aluminum.


Custom built to suit your needs. Both Powerable and Stationary dock designs are available. The Powerable dock features hulls with bows for smooth entry into waves used as a dock, or under power as a party deck or barge. The Stationary dock has the same features as the powerable but with blunt bows and transoms for stationary mooring. The two hulls on each type can support up to 10,000 lbs. Also available is the optional 40in by 20ft long fiberglass dock ramp, providing lightweight, strong, and practical entrance from the beach to dock.


Our docks are designed to meet your marine needs whether it be for a private beachfront, swim dock, barge, party deck, or marina dockage and slips. Shorter custom sized docks and swim platforms are available upon request.


Optional features available include a choice of bumper colors and profiles. Skid plates for those worried about rocky beach shores. Other options include ladders, powder coated ladders, boat whips, flip up cleats, slides, diving boards, outboard motor mounts, party deck railings, mooring systems, canopies, and more.

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